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Study Guide for the PMI Risk Management Professional Exam(C)

The Project Book (Arabic)

The Project Book (English)

The 20% Off Diet

This is the first book I wrote.  It was in 2010.  It will help candidates interested in  in having a professional certification in Risk Management.  Risk Management is an interesting field of work where you try to Identify, Assess and Control Risks in variety of disciplines and work areas.  Click on the book picture for more information.

This is a book i wrote to help people who are in their beginnings in using project management as a science.  Click on the book picture for more information.

In the Project Book, I present a complete framework to manage different kinds of projects.  The key feature of this book is the focus on simplicity.  The book provides many templates and examples showing how a complete project plan can be created in an efficient and simple manner.  The plan can be created simply but it will not be simple in is effect on a project success.   Click on the book picture for more information.

This book introduce a complete system for any one interested in losing weight.  In addition, there are many ideas presented to help you not even lose weight, but also to maintain it for your entire life.  Fore more information click on the picture of the book.

A Pictorial Guide To Site Safety Inspection in Civil Construction Projects

More than 500 pictures from real construction projects showing hazardous and risky conditions / situations.  The idea of this book is to speed the learning of Safety at construction projects.  Also there is an introduction chapter about safety concepts.  A chapter about good safety practices, a chapter about the top risks in construction project and a chapter suggesting a framework to manage safety in these projects.

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40 Things I learned From My kids

As parents we take it on our self to teach our kids.  But can we learn from them?  It seems that we ca learn allot.  In the book I mention few things I learned.