I developed the following games to be used on the iPhone.  You can check them by clicking on their pictures.


- The first game is called “play with us”  It is an arabic game for kids.  It has coloring and counting games and will teach children about the Arabic alphabets.  I made this game with my family who helped me in selecting the pictures and recording the sounds.

- Second & Third Games:  I made these games to help people prepare for the PMP exam in project management.  one is called “Drag and Drop” game for the PMP, the other is called “PMP inputs and Outputs”.  Click on the pictures to check them out

-Fourth and Fifth Games deal with project management.  One is called Project Math Monkey and the other is called Project Risk Monkey.  They have 30 question each and can help you review you r knowledge of project mathematics like network diagrams and earned value and project risk management like risk management process and risk control and risk formula